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Our Partner: Descartes

We work with Descartes Macropoint to remain transparent and provide live tracking details to our clients. With this live information, we can catch obstacles early and change our plan to avoid potential delays. We enable you to minimize your transportation costs, increase productivity, and reduce the dollars spent on detention, re-routes, and any other costly setbacks.
Our tracking technology also has the capability to track KPI's, which we organize with Power BI, so the data is easy to consume.



Every Carrier Has ELD Tracking

Per nationwide DOT requirements, every carrier we work with utilizes ELD tracking. Our team is aware of their available driving hours and when they need to stop for rest breaks, which helps us plan ahead for delivery ETA's and appointments. In addition, we ensure they have a clean driving record and establish the best line of communication with that specific carrier and driver. 

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Live Load Tracking

A tracking link is sent out for every load moved with Volta, so you can keep an eye on your freight's live location at all times. Your operations team will still be in touch with the driver every step of the way. Before moving freight with a new client, we determine your preferred tracking method, whether that's receiving a link and tracking it yourself or our ops team calling you with every update. 


Collecting Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

We track and compile all of your transportation data, so we can analyze patterns together and uncover areas that are showing or need improvement. By utilizing KPI's, we further strengthen your longterm transportation plans and goals, by tracking and adjusting our approach. We communicate trends with our clients and ensure that your priorities are our priorities.

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If you are questioning your current system and want to streamline your transportation department, we are happy to help! 

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